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Behind the Scenes: Marie Claire




The summer quickly came to an end, which means my days of beauty products, inspo boards, and trend research for Marie Claire are over.  It has been a job and a summer that I will never forget.

I know I have given insight into beauty products that I love, but I haven’t really told you what I actually do for Marie Claire.  My days are filled helping stories come to life..sounds so fun right?   Its definitely was!  Once you actually see what you worked on come to life in a magazine, it is pretty cool.  I assist with calling in the latest products of best beauty, health and fashion lines or labels.  I worked under the coolest team.  There is nothing better than working with awesome, creative women who are helping other women!

On another note…New York was amazing.  Seriously I cried coming home.  However, I am so glad to be back around my family and friends!  I am currently working on a few city guides that will be posted soon.