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Espadrille Adventures



Hat: Lovely Bird || Shoes: Tory Burch 

Well I am not much of a nature girl and I am pretty clumsy, so these photos were really an adventure.  Madeline (my fab photographer) and I had a few good laughs of me stumbling through the rocks.

Anyway, we managed or better yet I managed to survive.  I am definitely all about the espadrilles this season as a good go-to flat.  I struggle with wearing hats, I just feel silly but I am working on it.  I think women who rock then always manage to do it with style and grace.  What are your thoughts on hats??

Have you noticed I have really been trying to stay consistent with the blog?  It is currently a goal of mine to actually do this blog thing.  I have always put it on the back burner and used it as a fun hobby.  I would love to hear what you would love to see on the blog soon!