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Keeping paper around…






I have always loved stationary and small gifts.  Growing up I always loved getting sussies and sweet notes from the people I love.  I still love getting them actually!

  The Keeping Room in Baton Rouge is my favorite spot to get my paper things and small gifts!  I was so excited to partner with Amanda and her team and learn about all the things that they do every day to keep fabulous stationary and paper alive.  Invitations seem to be going more and more digital, but quite honestly I love getting a creative invite.  The in-house graphic designers help to create the perfect invite for your next event.

The wedding planning room is my favorite!  Seriously thinking if I had a past life, I was planning weddings and fluffing dresses.  Anyway, the room is filled with any and every thing you might need on invites, save-the-dates, and small gifts.  Plus, perfect gifts to give if you’re attending the wedding!

Later this week I will post 10 of my favorite gifts from inside the store, but until then you can enter in on my instagram to win this adorable cooler tote.  I have already been toting bottles of Rosé around in mine. :)

Enter the giveaway by visiting my instagram @peytontaylorsimms