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Top: Equipment (Old) || Skirt: Vince || Shoes: Topshop

These pics were pretty impromtu…I feel like all my pics are these days!  Alden (one of my besties and roommate) and I always seem to forget to snap “blog pics” until the end of the day or night, so sorry for the bad light.

I have worn this top before on a way old post, but I love it.  It’s the perfect “pop” piece for an outfit and a good cut to go along with the leather skirt.  One thing that I will say is this outfit definitely needed the modesty rule.  My modesty rule is: If the bottom is short or tight, cover on top and vis versa.  This is always in my opinion a good rule to keep in the back of your mind when dressing.  While it is always fun to dress up and be girly, you never want to reveal too much.

P.S. Look to your right at all the fun dresses under $50! Wahoo!