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Silky Dreams

I have to share with you my most recent little luxury.  If you have ever bought or felt any Perfectly Taylored Collection tees, you know that softness is my biggest concern when making each tee.  Ok you caught me more than just my tees, but pretty much everything I put on my body has to be super soft.  I have never understood wearing something against your skin that isn’t soft and luxurious.  I can’t be alone in this, right?

Well I have recently been all about silk.  Typically a good silk top, skirt, or even pant will do for me, but now I have taken it to bed…literally.  I have invested in a silk pillowcase and yes I would consider it an investment.  I have slept with silk night gowns, but just because I thought they were pretty but now I have a silk eye mask to match.  However, they apparently have some major skin and beauty benefits!

I am kind of a major nerd when it comes to gadgets, products, etc and I love doing research.  Before I buy anything I like to know what is out there, the benefits to each and reviews.  Reviews are the best – I mean knowing if the product works is always a plus.

After researching “sleeping with silk,”  I discovered that not only is it naturally hypoallergenic (for a girl with major allergies this is a big win!) but it also doesn’t absorb moisture.  You know those really nice products that you put on your skin and hair to be absorbed throughout the night, well your silk pillowcase doesn’t wick them away like cotton pillowcases.   Silk is also super smooth which means no more morning lines on your face.  I have read articles saying it does help with wrinkles and some articles saying it is pointless, but I’d rather be safe than sorry wouldn’t you?

P.S. I treated myself to these Eberjey PJs this weekend and haven’t taken them off…well except for work and that was a major task.  I forget how fab a new pair of pjs can be!

Research from the following articles: Everyday Health,  Marie Claire,  Austin Pug Health

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