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The Beauty Round Up



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Amarte Aqua Lotion:  This has been my SAVING grace lately.  I have been going through face lotions for years trying to find one that is light enough to wear throughout the day, but keeps my skin hydrated.  It is perfect for my normal to oily skin.  In my opinion it is the great for summer skin care.

Gold Mine:  I have to be honest, I am obsessed with DryBar and their products!  I have only used this product a couple of times, but I think it is so fun for summer.  It just gives a little shimmer to your hair, which is perfect when your out sunbathing!

B&B Pret-a-Powder:  Dry shampoo is my Monday morning best friends and this one does the trick.  It is also nice to use for that post work freshen up.  It’s easy to throw in your bag for travel too!

Perpetual Shade Eye Mask:  I recently found Perpetual Shade eye masks and have been obsessed ever since.  So obsessed that I decided to add another job to my life and now I help with all their PR. Anyway if you are an eye mask person, then this should be your next sleep mask!