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The one thing your beauty routine is missing…

I have been chatting with the beauty editors of Marie Claire and my big question has been what am I missing in my beauty routine?  I explained to them my beauty routine, which consist of washing my face following it with lotion and if I remember I will throw some serum in there in between.

After talking to them for a bit I realized that there was WAY more that I could be doing to preserve and enhance my skin.  The first thing they said I needed to start with is Vitamin C Serum in the morning.  Vitamin C not only keeps your skin well toned, but also promoted the production of collagen.   The biggest benefit that I found was that it shields your skin from UV-generated free radicals…put in my terms no sun damage!

When is the best time to apply it?  Morning

During what part of your routine? After you wash your face

What do you do after you put it on?  Let it dry and then apply sunscreen

Marie Claire Editors Fav: SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic

Here are a few of the best Vitamin C serum..