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Wednesday Wisdom




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I have spent the last 48 hours doing a lot of reading, writing and researching on blogging, fashion, and small businesses.  It has been both exciting and honestly overwhelming. However, I am a messy note taker in real note books and these are the quotes that I jotted down.  These were the quotes that I thought really could contribute to “designing a life you love,” which is something I try to set out to do daily.

As I curate what I want this little space to be on the internet, the idea of sharing my journey of designing a life I love with you in hopes that it in some small way inspires you to do the same.  I know it sounds a bit cheesy, but I can often be a bit cheesy.  Cheesy makes life a little more joyful, don’t you think?

Moral of the story is these were the things that were inspiring me today and maybe they will inspire you!

Xo, PT