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When Wine Meets Junk Food…

So, there are two things you should probably know about me, the first is that I love junk food and the second is that I love wine.  When I found articles talking about how to pair the two I was instantaneously all about it.  I have always been a particularly huge fan of fries (seriously, I order them everywhere) and champagne, but after doing a little research I found there might be more fun combos than just those two.

I originally stumbled across this article by Marie Claire (yes I actually read the articles for the magazine I work for – who knew).  Typically wine tasting are best paired with good fish or steak, but there is also something for those of us who also like things like popcorn, chips, and french fries!

The best pairings:

Champagne + French Fries

Chardonnay + Popcorn or Plain Potato Chips

Pinot Nior + BBQ Chips

Sauvignon Blanc + Cheetos

Malbec + Pizza

How fun would it be to host a party with junk food and wine and call it a “tasting party.”  Please steal that idea from me and have the party…I want a report on how many girls gushed about the perfect pairing.  Maybe junk food could be the new stinky cheese?? 😉

P.S.  After LOTS of thinking over, making inspo boards, making notes and then scratching out, I finally decided the direct that I want PTB to go in – YAY!  While I still want to incorporate beauty and fashion into post, I am going to start adding food and travel posts.  I am currently working on a launch of travel guides.  Anyway, what are your thoughts?? Is that something you would want to see on PTB?

 There is nothing I love more than fashion and food, so I thought why not put them together!

Research: Marie Claire, NPR, OZY